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April 7, 2019
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April 7, 2019
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10 mistakes to avoid in essay writing


  1. Using colloquial, informal/slang, for example, ‘can’t’/’won’t, or using the ‘I’ form too often.

Make sure that you use correct English and proof-read your essay through before submission (using a spell-check facility if necessary).

  1. Not reading academic sources widely enough to inform your essay and support your points, or using websites too often at the expense of more academic material.

Please make sure that all of the sources you use are referenced in the text and at the end.

  1. Not answering directly the essay question or only partially answering it.
  2. Using subheadings and bullet points and diagrams which disrupt the flow.
  3. Making unsupported, very general statements, such as ‘Many CEOs suffer from stress’.

Instead you should use research/literature sources to support your statements and give specific, detailed examples.

  1. Not including the full title and page numbers on your essay.
  2. Using very long quotations or using them inappropriately .

They should be used as a starting point for discussion, or as an illustration, because they encapsulate the points you are making well.  Please remember always to give the page numbers of sources when you use quotations/direct words.

  1. Having no clear structure/development of thought and not explaining any structure to the reader in the introduction.

This is why an essay plan is so important.

  1. Starting each paragraph with very repetitive phrases, e.g., ‘My next point is …’

Try to vary the language you use.

  1. Not including a bibliography/reference list which is in alphabetical order at the end of your essay.


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