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Application of Leadership and Management Theory

The individual essay (75%) is designed to test students’ learning about the application of Leadership and Management theory. The word count for this assessment is 3000 words (excluding reference list and bibliography). The assessment for this module has been designed in the full expectation that formative assessment is completed, as directed, by the module leader; failure to do so is likely to impact on the student’s ability to pass the module.


Assessment criteria


  1. the depth and extent of your knowledge and understanding of relevant theories and concepts;
  2. the depth and extent of your knowledge of relevant reading and research;
  3. your ability to apply such knowledge to analysis of practice;
  4. your ability to write clearly, effectively and concisely.


The assessment criteria above means in simple terms that you must show you have knowledge of what has been taught on the course, and that you can use this to answer a question in an informed way, presenting arguments in a clear and well-structured academic way.


Choose one essay:

  1. “Leaders transform and managers transact.” Is there a difference between a leader and a manger? Critically Discuss.
  2. To what extent does leadership support the idea of ‘one best way’ in leadership style?
  3. ‘Male leaders have had their chance and they blew it.’ Critically discuss whether you agree or disagree with this statement.
  4. In what ways is organisational change management a problematic process for leaders and managers? And what are the chief methods that leaders and managers can use to overcome resistance to change?
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