Please answer the following question based on your reading of “Making Land Rights Accessible,”
by Jennifer C. Franco and “Rightful Radical Resistance,” by Kurt Schock.

In developing countries there are tremendous disparities in power between large landowners andlandless rural workers. Nevertheless, in many places across the globe landless rural workers aremobilizing nonviolent resistance in order to pressure the state to redistribute land to the landless.What are similarities and differences in the strategies of resistance implemented by landless ruralworkers in the Philippines, India, and Brazil? Why have these strategies been effective

Land Inequality and Resistance Movements

Introduction             Inequality in the distribution of resources is a problem that cuts across both developing and industrialized economies. In particular, land disparities between wealthy landlords and poor rural peasants are an issue that affects most developing countries. This is especially true for Philippines, India, and Brazil, which have some of the widest gaps in the distribution of land ownership. In light of the above, many nonviolent resistance movements have emerged in an effort to […]

N!ai The Story of A !Kung Woman

Gender roles are the responsibilities and activities that the society depicts as appropriate for females and males. The cultural differences and traditions in African communities define the roles of men and women differently. However, African attitudes about gender roles and sexuality have been changing over the years due to the influence of the West. The film, “N!ai The Story of A !Kung Woman,” depicts the division of labor among males and females, marriage, and kinship […]

Tourism on Archaeology & Culture on the Maya Riviera

Tourism is the main source of revenue countries such as Mexico whose rich culture, history, and archaeological sites make it one of the popular tourist destinations in the world. This nation has unique ancient features that make it ideal to share with the world.  Tourism can be beneficial to the rural economies, especially those located near archaeological sites. The shift from a subsistence economy to the commercialized tourist-oriented economy has affected the Maya community. Mexico’s […]


Introduction My name is Saeed. I was born in 1998 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and grew up there to date. I attended a British kindergarten and elementary school but later attended an American middle and high school, both being private schools. My middle school and high school were gender segregated because they only admitted boys. I studied in English since all the subject we were taught at school, including math, science and social […]

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