Domestication of the Dog

Introduction Domesticated animals have better chances of survival compared to their wild counterparts. After all, they are capable of breeding under confinement successfully, which increases their chances of survival. For instance, domesticated cats are much more numerous than those in the wild are. Other animals that enjoy such a benefit are domestic chicken and turkey. This can be attributed to the care and protection received from humans as compared to those fending for themselves in […]

Anthropology Research Paper Guide

ESSAY GUIDELINES One of the goals in making you write an essay is to see how well you follow instructions.  A part of your grade will depend, therefore, on how faithfully you follow these guidelines.  In general it is a good idea to make reference to the (attached) Essay Evaluation Guide, which provides you with some indication of the criteria that we will be using to determine your grade.  Layout and Length:  Essays should be […]

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