How is the Zapatista Liberation Army a Global Movement

How is the Zapatista Liberation Army a Global Movement How is the Zapatista Liberation Army a Global Movement? Formed in 1994, the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) was a Mexican revolutionary group focused on the needs of the Indigenous population in Mexico. The movement sought to address issues such as work, land, independence, liberty, and the state of democracy for the Indigenous Mexicans. Also, the movement discussed the issue of justice and peace, which […]

Bahaus Dialogue

Bahaus Dialogue Bahaus Dialogue Alim: I am shocked at the significance of this institution’s perception of art and design, beauty, and symmetry in the building. I think it is a waste of time and resources to place so much significance on appearances instead of concentrating on quality and strength in buildings.  John:  I beg to differ. You are a visitor to Bahaus, but if you were an insider, or if you took time to understand […]

Wiki for my Final Project

Wiki for my Final Project Stage Three: Wiki for my Final Project Name of the Genre: Salsa Dance Opening Background There are many dance genres that have been widely embraced in the American continent. However, salsa is one of the most entertaining social dances that have attracted global attention. I was personally attracted to this innovative social dancing style because of its popularity across different social classes and ages. My previous perception about salsa was […]


CONTEMPORARY TAKES ON PORTRAITURE CONTEMPORARY TAKES ON PORTRAITURE INTRODUCTION             The evolution of photography traces its root from contemporary painters who captured the visual snapshot of the society and different cultures. The unique styles adopted by contemporary artists can be seen in modern photography. This show will examine the evolution of contemporary portraiture, particularly by using the works of photographers in the 20th century. This will help explore the distinct techniques and methods adopted towards […]

Andy Goldsworthy’s Art

Andy Goldsworthy’s Art Andy Goldsworthy’s Art The perspective of arts is slowly drifting away from the imaginative drawings and paintings to an appreciation of our environment and nature. It is in this regards that I present a proposal of acquisition of one of my finest arts, Icicle Star, to the Dayton Art Institute and Museum. The Art takes a form of nourishment and use of nature to understand the state of the landscape and energy […]

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