Visual Analysis

Visual Analysis Visual Analysis Pawnee by Paul Jenkins             Pawnee is an artwork by artist Paul Jenkins, done in 1958. The artwork is abstract expressionism. The artist used an ivory knife as gravity to create a masterpiece of abstraction that is inspirational update. The artist’s technique involves using colors and the imagination to create stunning abstract images that invite the reader on a journey into the unknown. Jenkins stated that his work was abstract phenomena, […]

Comic books and Closure

Comic books and Closure Comic books and Closure McCloud’s theory argues that closure in comics is the act of mentally filling gaps observed during reading. Therefore, allowing readers to comprehend the action and significance between unrelated panels. Readers observe separate panels within the comic and mentally decipher events in between them. However, there is usually no additional panel explaining what happened between them. Closure in the episode 86 of the manga Attack on titan 21 […]

Sustainable Cultures

Sustainable Cultures Sustainable Cultures Introduction Climate change is one of the most critical problems that humanity is confronting in the 21st century. Human activities have greatly interfered with the climate system, primarily through the emission of greenhouse gases and radical changes in the way that land is utilized. These activities have resulted in phenomenal rise in the average air temperatures on the earth’s surface by approximately 0.8oC from the onset of the 19th century. This […]

Henri van de Velde

Henri van de Velde Henri van de Velde Henri van de Velde played an integral role in the Art Nouveau Movement in Belgium, which generated enthusiasm in architecture and decorative and graphic arts throughout Europe. Art Nouveau sought to modernize design by shifting from the popular eclectic historic styles of the 19th century. The Art Nouveau movement focused on ornate typography, elegant curves, and vine-like lines.  Art Nouveau publications were characterized by the display of […]

Analysis of Judith and Holofernes Artwork by the Master of Marradi

Analysis of Judith and Holofernes Artwork by the Master of Marradi Analysis of Judith and Holofernes Artwork by the Master of Marradi Judith and Holofernes artwork by Master of Marradi is a biblical illustration of the King Nebuchadnezzar and the role of his general Holofernes in the Jewish conquest.  General Holofernes mission is cut short by Judith who lures him and cut offs his head, bringing the battle to an abrupt stop by recession by […]

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