Robot Dance

Introduction The robotic dance began way before the invention of artificially intelligent robots. The origin of the dance is traced to the early 1920s whereby performers imitated mannequin and robots’ movements. Other dancers added stilted gestures in their movements that complimented the unique style of robotic dance. The move has often portrayed robotic dance as an extension of mime classics, an equal unit of the robotic dance. The classic dances included mechanical movements, which came […]

Baroque Artwork: The Triumph of the Name of Jesus

Baroque was an artistic style that was characterized by precise details, exaggerated motion, grandeur, and exuberance. Baroque was a term derived from the Portuguese word, borocco, which was used to describe an irregularly shaped pearl. The style started in the 17th century in Rome and then spread to other parts of the world. The paper discusses baroque artwork, and the piece of focus is the Triumph of the Name of Jesus, a fresco painting by […]

Dickinson’s and John’s work on Informing design

Dickinson’s and John’s book on Informing design provides a training guidebook in which designs are reinforced by higher values other than personal preferences, speculative hunches, and intuition. The book is informative because it borrows from different scholars in both design practice and education who share their expertise in specialty areas such as retail and corporate. The first five chapters provide students with the insights necessary to develop an in-depth understanding of how informed design decisions […]

describes which museum and exhibition you have chosen

Please write a three to five page (double spaced) essay that 1) describes which museum and exhibition you have chosen; 2) how the collection is arranged for display and the kinds of information available in labels and graphic displays; 3) describes what the purpose of the exhibition is (is it based on a cultural or historical theme, as an overview of art from a particular period and geographic area, etc…); 4) analyzes whether you think […]

Analysis of Art of Three Faiths: A Torah, a Bible, and a Qur’an Exhibition

The exhibition, Art of Three Faiths: A Torah, a Bible, and a Qur’an, was set to appear in the Getty Museum from August 7, 2018–February 3, 2019. It represented the three religious faiths: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The Rothschild Pentateuch, which comprises the Menorah of the Tabernacle (Book of Leviticus) and a Hebrew manuscript were part of the collection. The art is a representation of medieval religion, specifically illustrating the foundation of the three main […]

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