The Work of Marcus Bleasdale

Background and History Marcus Bleasdale is a British photojournalist born in 1968 in the UK to an Irish family. He is a documentary photographer who utilizes his work to influence policymakers around the world. He grew up as one of three children in Brindle and Preston when his parent separated when he was 10. He stayed with his mother who struggled to pay the bills. Despite developing an interest in art at a young age […]

Photography Style of Margaret Bourke-White

Margaret Bourke-White was born in Harrison Avenue, Bronx, New York City on 5th June 1904. Her dad was the son of Polish-Jewish immigrants while her mum was the daughter of an Irish ship’s carpenter. She had an older sister and a younger brother. At a young age, she was curious, especially on snakes. Consequently, she was able to pet a puff adder until it became tame. Her love of nature and snakes made her interested […]


Kota Ezawa produces animated videos, lightboxes, slide projections, prints, and collages to recreate images, historical events, and popular culture. He uses digital tools to transform appropriated imagery into deceptively simple compositions. Many of these drawings are transferred into a surface of lightboxes where the resultant object glows with an eerie of luminosity. Very few artists have explored the art of flatness as profoundly as he has used digital interpretations. The process of creating these animated […]

Please give an overview of the role of women

Please give an overview of the role of women in Oceanic art and culture. How were women depicted in art of this region? What role did they play in religion and society? Please provide three examples of works of art for this question.

The Role of Women in Oceanic Art and Culture (Question 3)

The history and culture of Oceania are characterized by gender roles in diverse areas of the society, especially arts and religion. Throughout the region’s history, women have played diverse roles, which have given them cultural identities. Art was an integral part of the people’s daily life, inseparable from religious rituals and beliefs, which were based on the belief that the supernatural and natural inhabited the same realm. The themes of fertility, death, afterlife, social status, […]

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