Psychology Journal

The cycle of caring is one of the most challenging aspects of counselling. While I am passionate about my work, I have to take extra steps to ensure that I have understood the particular needs of each client and attend to them. The finite balance between caring, just enough not to get attached or overly attached has been relatively difficult for me to achieve. I have to evaluate my priorities and level of engagement with […]


Journal Topic #1The cycle of caring. The cycle of caring can be described as 1) empathetic attachment phase 2) active involvement phase 3) felt separation phase 4) re-creation phase. Discuss your experiences with this cycle of caring in your practice in counseling. What are some experiences (without specific identifying information) that you can reflect on that illustrated this cycle in your career? Describe how you feel about your skill level at each of these engagement […]

AuAccounting Communityto Draft

An accounting community is a professional discourse community whose members are bound by universal professional goals. The community is managed by professional and operational mandate alongside identified communication genres. The community’s genres include social media, internal blogs, discussion forums, and ticketing, which are used to communicate and interact as detailed in the bibliographies. Debreceny, R. S. (2015). Social media, social networks, and accounting. Journal of Information Systems, 29(2), 1-4. The journal explores the adoption of […]

Role of the Praetorian Guard in the early Roman Empire

The Praetorian Guard was a vital institution in the Roman Empire. It played critical roles for more than three hundred years. It was a unique military unit that wielded immense influence and power in Rome, and the whole of Italy. During the reign of influential empires, loyal and efficient guards accompanied their masters in all battles. They were also valuable in protecting the city of Rome against any external aggression, and were involved in policing, […]

Living with Developmental Disability

Developmental disability refers to the diverse group of chronic conditions caused by mental or physical impairments. They often arise before adulthood and present numerous challenges in mobility, language, learning, as well as independent living. While most studies focus on identifying possible cures, little research has been conducted on the most effective way of helping patients live with these conditions. This study relates to my interests because I have worked with autism patients. I have realized […]

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