Art of fiction(dis/ability)

FQ2019: Art of Fiction Final Project Proposal This proposal will help you brainstorm ideas for your final project, understand expectations for this assignment, and consider how you will meet these expectations. It will also help me ensure that your topics and mode are appropriate and manageable. Your proposal should be 3–4 pages and include the following: Idea generation: Start with a list of potential ideas, leaving space to add ideas that might come to you […]

What impact does technology have on teacher and students success in the classroom?

Annotated Bibliography Research Question: Reference 1: learning. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 206, 205-209.  The flipped classroom, as a vital constituent of hybrid learning, attracts a lot of interest from teachers and researchers.  In flipped classroom technology, class activities and assignments are reversed, and the student is expected to revert them by filling the blanks.  This research paper previews the flipped classroom technology and assesses its benefits to teachers and students. The researchers present the result […]

impact does Technology

What impact does Technology have on teacher and students success in classroom”?

Designing Organizations for Quality

Question 1: Implementing new standards in any organizations Deming philosophy states that an organization that embraces certain management principles can improve product quality and reduce cost. In Deming’s opinion, the key is to engage in constant improvement processes and to consider the manufacturing process as a unit, as opposed to a system with incongruent parts. Cost reduction comprises litigation, reduction of employees’ attrition, and reduction of waste while at the same time improving customer loyalty. […]

Designing Organizations for Quality

Question 1 (5 Marks) How do you think that Deming philosophy, Crosby philosophy and Jurang Philosophy is important to achieve quality standards like Six Sigma or EFQM? Use several examples (as discussed in class) in support of your answer? Question 2 (5 Marks) Implementing new standards in any organizations requires three steps (as explained in class) Collecting employee experience (Knowledge Management) Defining Leadership, and Change in organization culture. Identify the role of each

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