Water scarcity and water pollution in Australia

Water scarcity and water pollution in Australia Suggest and propose solutions to reduce the impact of Water Scarcity and Water Pollution on the environment in Australia (mitigation, solutions to problems, pathway to success). The report with the proposed solutions should be subjected to the following arguments: 1. Proposed solutions (originality and ingenuity of the proposed solution, and ability to implement the proposed solutions)2. Resources need to make the proposed solution a reality.2a. financial2b. land2c. labor2d. […]

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System

Development of a HACCP Plan for Frankfurters Food is a potential source of human illnesses if systems to assure its safety are not in place. At the same time, people are entitled to safe and suitable foods for their consumption (Stringer 775). Foodborne outbreaks can compromise trade and tourism besides causing serious lawsuits to implicated food companies. Moreover, unsafe foods constitute wastage because public health officials can order destruction of processed foods linked with a […]

Stop and Frisk Practices of Police

Overview The police practices of questioning, searching, and frisking individuals are within the constitution. However, certain preconditions should be met before a search. Questioning, searching, and frisking is a routine police practice lawfully recognized based on reasoned suspicion, which is applicable when they suspect that an individual is armed or behaves in a manner that can threaten the officers and the public. In recent years, stop and frisk practices have taken a new meaning in […]

In a 4–5-page paper, analyze and discuss

In a 4–5-page paper, analyze and discuss Stop and Frisk practices of police the pertinent background, concerns, issues, and proposed solutions to the specific area/issue selected. Include examples to support your analysis.

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