Internationalization Huawei

Internationalization Huawei Internationalization Huawei Executive Summary             Huawei has significantly established its operation in Mexico. The nation is the 15th largest economy in the world and is predicted to be the fifth largest by 2050. Mexico has a favourable business environment through political stability, high urbanization, and a largely young population. However, unsuitable government regulations and drug cartels hinder business operations. The firm also has to consider that its home culture is different from that […]

The Pros and Cons of Jack Welch’s Leadership

The Pros and Cons of Jack Welch’s Leadership The Pros and Cons of Jack Welch’s Leadership             Leaders adopts diverse leadership styles, may it be democratic, autocratic, laissez-faire, strategic, transformational, transactional or bureaucratic among others. The different leadership styles have their advantages and disadvantages and may be fruitful or detrimental to a given business or organization. A good example is Jack Welch’s leadership, which transformed the General Electric. He was the CEO of the corporation […]

Multicultural Team

Multicultural Team Multicultural Team Stages of Group Development             Tuckman’s five-stage model of group development can be employed to understand the possible experiences that the multicultural group may undergo. These stages include forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning (Nelson & Quick, 2013).  In the forming phase, team members are less informed about their duties and responsibilities. As a result, they highly depend on their leaders to address questions related to the team’s objectives and purposes, […]

Strategic Management

Strategic Management Strategic Management First A business strategy is important to a firm as it defines the direction of the business and the necessary steps needed to achieve the set targets. As such, it indicates the current performance of the business; its capabilities and the said competences are enough to stimulate growth.  A balanced scored emphasizes the cause and effect linkages that describe hypothesis of the strategy (“Transforming the balanced”). Furthermore, it offers a basis […]

Franchising in Kuwait

Franchising in Kuwait Franchising in Kuwait Introduction Franchising is a business relationship based on a licensing agreement between two companies. The two main forms of franchising include product distribution and business format. Product distribution franchising is whereby the franchiser sells products to the franchisee who can resell them using the franchisor’s name and trademark (Gillis & Castrogiovanni 2012, p. 75). In contrast, business format franchising involves a firm expanding its market base by providing owners […]

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