Secondary Sources: The only acceptable secondary sources are the New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible,

Secondary Sources: The only acceptable secondary sources are the New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, The Anchor Bible Dictionary, The Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels, The Dictionary of Paul and His Letters, the Powell textbook, and the CEB Study Bible. All of these dictionaries are in the reference section of the library. The use of any other secondary source will result in a reduction in points!!! 8 Nov 2016 00:59Secondary Sources: The only acceptable […]

Management and Organizational Behavior

Introduction Operating within a team is a complex process that requires zeal and careful management. Teams need consistency, role playing, and cooperation among its members. Its success is only evident when all members work towards attaining a specified goal. This essay will analyze the performance of the class assigned groups in the execution of the assignment. The team will be evaluated through the Tuckman and Belbin theories. The essay will also include the strengths and […]

The Effect of the Purchase Environment on Consumer Behavior

Introduction Organizational management requires information on consumer behavior. It is through the understanding of consumers that companies identify and satisfy their needs and preferences. In the modern world, consumer behavior is subject to the influence of a variety of factors. One of these crucial factors is the environment. The factors that consumers are exposed to in the environment shape their perception on self, the products, and organizations as a whole. Therefore, the need to identify […]

Implementation Plan and Evaluation Strategy for the DSS in a Healthcare Organization

Clinical Decision Support Systems (DSS) are computer-based systems that are used to support healthcare organizations in their decision-making process. They are useful in helping the management come up with solutions in a rapidly changing environment containing a lot of variables. They have many features that make them invaluable such as the ability to deliver real- time and up- to date information. While they play a major role in the decision-making process, they cannot be used […]

Leadership and management of strategic change

Executive Summary The functionality of organizations is governed by a set of guidelines known as strategies. The dynamic nature of factors that influence the functionality of a company creates the need to adjust these guidelines to satisfy customer needs, withstand competition, and sustain market relevance. The most important sector of strategic change is its management. Therefore, the success of the change depends on the effectiveness of leadership. To achieve this, universally applied models can be […]

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