Mr. Dees’ Case

Mr. Dees’ Case Mr. Dees’ Case Paradoxical thinking involves the process in which people are able and willing to identify the contrasting personal characteristics in an attempt to bring about their positive aspects. A paradox refers to any mutually exclusive but contradictory elements that operate equally simultaneously same time. While people have contradictory characteristics, they can identify and define the core characteristics that complement each other and utilize them to reinforce their performance when challenging situations […]

Innovative Company

Innovative Company Innovative Company Step 1: Jumeirah EDU Company’s Presentation Jumeirah EDU Company aims to design, build, and instruct innovative escape rooms and stations in schools. Its registration comes at a time when the government is popularizing the use of the Arabic language among the youths. The firm will incorporate commercial production of the escape rooms and stations in learning institutions. The company’s innovation will give it the desired opportunity to compete favorably in the […]

Forecasting the Impact of Production Interruption: Research Proposal

Forecasting the Impact of Production Interruption: Research Proposal Forecasting the Impact of Production Interruption: Research Proposal             Business organizations constantly face the risk of production interruption as a consequence of various factors that are beyond their control. Some of them include natural calamities such as earthquakes and floods, war, and unrest among employees. Natural calamities affect the supply chain, making it hard for business organizations to access raw materials for the production process. They can […]

Human Rights

Human Rights Human Rights Part One Having been derived from the effects of the World War II in relation to the formation of the United Nation, the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights (UDHR) 30 articles honors certain human characteristics. Noteworthy, the effects of the war ranging from death, sickness, hunger, to imprisonment of millions of people inspired nations to collaborate to avoid these outcomes of the war. Consequently, the UDHR was formulated, honoring the […]


TEAMWORK REFLECTIVE REPORT TEAMWORK REFLECTIVE REPORT Introduction             Organizations are increasingly faced with various performance challenges that may hinder their performance. Problems may emerge from poor organizational structures and lack of team coordination and collaboration. However, putting in place teams and necessary structures can support a company to recover from the challenges that they face. Not all members of a group have the same level of knowledge, competence, and capabilities to deliver the tasks and […]

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