My Vision for Leadership sample essay

My Vision for Leadership             Effective leadership requires a high level of self-awareness, including understanding the various forms of leadership and the way they are suited to fit the role of a leader. The art of management requires that one possess technical, human, conceptual, and design skills (Adair, 1998).  Based on this context, this blog explores the various forms of leadership models. Additionally, it reveals intrinsic evaluation that aims at outlining my preparedness to take […]

Change and Leadership

Change is an inventible aspect of the human life, it allows for growth and expansion of numerous human ventures such as business. According to Mullins 2010, different people respond differently to the challenges faced in the process of adopting change (Mullins, 2010). Despite the reluctance to adoption of transformational measures, business organizations have continually transitioned their operational methods. Effective management entails collective participation and empowerment of the members within an organization, towards achievement of a […]


Introduction Overview of Qatar Petroleum Company This is a petroleum company owned by the state in Qatar, which operates in the oil and gas industry. Its activities include exploration, refining, production, storage, and transportation of oil and natural gas. The refinery activities include processing crude oil into various products. Qatar finished products include super gasoline, petrochemical naphtha, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), marine fuel oil (MFO), and premium gasoline. It was founded in 1974, and […]

Due Diligence on Tesla Motors

Due diligence refers to the reasonable steps and care that a firm or a corporation should take to satisfy a legal requirement in mergers, acquisition, selling, or buying of something (Galpin & Herndon, 2010). It is an investigation of business before signing a contract or entering into an agreement. The main aim of due diligence in acquisitions is often for the client to confirm the financials, customers, contracts, and all other relevant information about the […]

Colourpop Company Analysis

Student’s Name Professor Subject Date Colourpop Company Analysis Introduction Colourpop Company was established in 2014 by siblings Laura and John Nelson and has its headquarters in the upscale city of Los Angeles. Established as a social media system used to sell the cosmetic products, the company created its first social media account on Instagram, which has a following of over 2.2 million now. The organization`s objective is to become a leading retailer by creating as […]

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