Interference in the Freedoms

Topic: “Interference in the Freedoms of others in the name of Freedom of Opinion and Expression”

Placelessness in Mississauga: A proposed research study

Introduction Mississauga is an Aboriginal name for a city within the Province of Ontario, Canada, situated on the shores of Lake Horun– formally Lake Ontario.  In the native dialect, it is translated to mean “River of many mouths of the North.” The city has a multicultural population comprising of Aborigines, Europeans of French and British extraction, South and East Asians, as well as Arab immigrants.  It is known for its wonderful skyline and famous people […]

Do People Look at Sources When Sharing Fake News on Facebook?

Concerns about the type of information and circulated through media have increased with unprecedented progress in information and communication technology. Specifically, the focus of concerns has swayed to social network systems (SNS) such as Facebook, Twitter, snapshot, and Instagram. These new forms of media have a different structure from print media, radio, and television. The new technology facilitates relaying of content among users without third-party filtering, editorial judgment, or verification of facts (Allcott & Gentzkow, […]

A Sample Memo Assignment

Communication and Soft Skills Question 1 MEMO To                    :           The Director, Project Support From                :           Student Name, Project Manager Date                :           November 5, 2016 Subject            :           Summary of Initial Findings and Recommendations  I would like to present my initial findings on the progress of the project as at March 31, 2016. The project has overshot the initial budget costs by 30,750 in the first three months. There are various reasons for the cost overshoot, which […]

Reality and Authenticity and Documentary Films

Film Analysis Essay Documentary films employ different forms of evidence to underpin their claims of reality, authenticity, and their method of presentation. However, these films often straddle the categories of fact, fiction, art, and knowledge. This document aims at analyzing different solutions and approaches in the documentary genre by selecting and comparing three documentaries. The analysis includes a critical examination that utilizes specific examples of scenes to compare different elements within the films. Secondly, this […]

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