Data Visualization Tools for Health Data

Abstract Data visualization is the process of putting data in a visual context to enable people to understand it more easily. The huge collection of health data collected by health practitioners has to be analyzed in an efficient way to ensure their protection. The current tools available can only analyze this data to a limited extent. This paper discusses data visualization as an effective tool for the analysis of electronic health data. It will provide […]

Research Paper on Data Domain and Visualization

What to Do Specify Data Domain to be visualized. Define Tasks to be supported by information visualization tools. Research state-of-art approaches. Identify 3 to 5 distinct “clusters” of tools to highlight & analyze. Explain which features you used to distinguish between the different “clusters.” Select the “best” or “most representative” tool for each “cluster.” Provide Analysis and apply “InfoVis Toolbox” for each selected tool. Think of yourself as “information visualization tools curator” and provide your personal analysis and […]

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