How educated should Police Officers Be

How educated should Police Officers Be How educated should Police Officers Be?             A total of 50 participants were selected for the study through simple random sampling. The sampling technique was selected because each member of the subset had an equal chance of being included in the study thereby reducing the risk of bias. The participants were selected from the general public and an online survey sent to each one with questions aimed at establishing […]

Ethics in Law

Ethics in Law Ethics in Law Ethics in Law versus in Other Fields The definition of ethics is not different across all fields in which humans operate. In any case, ethics present the minimum standards for the appropriate conduct in any setting in which people coexist. Besides, ethics give an outline of the norms and morals that govern the interactions between people (US Legal, Inc., 2016). It also outlines the duties and responsibilities owed by […]

How Educated should Police Officers be?

How Educated should Police Officers be? How Educated should Police Officers be? Introduction Some of the top trends in law enforcement involve the new challenges and threats undermining security as well as the increased scrutiny from the media and public regarding how well police officers do their jobs and interact with the community. The emerging trends in security coupled with the rise in public inquiries in regards to the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies require law […]

Anticipated Findings

Anticipated Findings Anticipated Findings This paper presents three possible results based on the proposed quantitative research method. These include: police officers should have more than a bachelor’s degree, community policing should be prioritized at the national level, and the general public feels safer with a more educated police force. The researcher will demonstrate how these results correspond to the proposed research question which seeks to establish how educated police officers should be. Moreover, the researcher […]

White Collar Crime

White Collar Crime White Collar Crime White-collar crime is deemed less offensive and deserving lesser punishment compared to street crime despite the greater impact it has on society. They are common among the wealthy elites who have the financial muscles and other privileges that allow them to manipulate public perceptions and the criminal justice system. On the other hand, street criminals are from the poorer classes who commit petty crimes as a necessity for survival. […]

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