A topic relevant to both ethics AND criminal justice

Introduction In the recent past, the debate on the ethicality of imprisoning women has raised heated debate with philosophers arguing for and against the practice. Criminals are subject to incarceration to eliminate them from the public and to stop them from causing more harm on the society (Heitfield & Simon, 2002). Once in prison, the inmate benefits from some form of rehabilitation to prepare him or her for their reintegration with the society. However, the […]

Strategic plan for military option

Strategic Plan for Military Option: NATO’s Case Introduction The success of an alliance that is aimed at offering military protection and other security-related factors is dependent on the efforts put together by a joint group of states that comprise the organization. NATO is a perfect example of such a body that joins military efforts and resources from numerous states to achieve security goals set by the alliance. NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization and […]

Strategic plan for military option

Given the situation in attached Op-Ed, You are tasked to run the Operational Design methodology and develop the strategic plan for a military option to address the issues/crisis. Your products must describe how (ways) the joint force will employ its capabilities (means) to achieve the military end state (ends). Clearly state your desired end state (United States’ national security interests as stated in the National Security Strategy and associated grand strategies). You will have to […]

Criminal Law Foundations Evaluation

Introduction State and federal criminal procedures provided in the constitution of the United States have the responsibility of safeguarding the rights of juveniles and adults while administering justice. In this regard, the procedures are constructed through various statutes, court rules, provisions, and policing guiding the justice to cases of crime committed in the United States. These guides are useful as they dictate the manner in which law authorities and bodies handle criminal cases from the […]

Security Threat Groups/Gangs in Prison

Research the following Security Threat Groups/Gangs: The Aryan Brotherhood, Black Guerilla Family, The Folk Nation, The Mexican Mafia, and MS 13. Provide an overview of each gang, focusing on the specific impact of these groups on the correctional system. Be sure to explain the following for each gang: Where the gang originated and who its founder wasWhat its basic beliefs and mission areThe prisons where it is the strongest and weakest (geographically)Whether it is growing […]

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