Mid Tang Poetry

Mid Tang Poetry Mid Tang Poetry Introduction The Tang dynasty was renowned for its poetic influences because of the increase in the number of intellectuals. Poetry was part of the Tang culture and was rehearsed for social occasions meant to honor visitors to the dynasty or communicate some aspects of society. Tang poetry is exceptional and is often used to benchmark Chinese poetry and literature. Poetry was characteristically meant to express adventure, the value attached […]

Culture and Ethics Studies

Culture and Ethics Studies Culture and Ethics Studies Part 1 All countries are expected to safeguard the interests of the people within their borders. They have an obligation to ensure that their citizens enjoy their rights to the maximum, live peacefully, and have an opportunity to realize their full potential. The concept of state sovereignty has never been real in many instances. Not all nations, especially the developing ones, have enjoyed or realized their sovereignty. […]

State Sovereignty

State Sovereignty State Sovereignty Introduction The primary obligation of a state is to maintain law and order at the national level to protect its citizens. A responsible sovereign establishes a form of government that is acceptable to all the people and directs its activities to improve their standards of living. At the very least, it ensures that the most vulnerable members of society have basic amenities and live in dignity. A responsible state maintains law […]

The Beatles as a Pop Explosion

The Beatles as a Pop Explosion The Beatles as a Pop Explosion John Lennon, Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr), Paul McCartney, and George Harrison formed the Beatles music band. The band brought about transformation to European and American music genres from the 1940s to 1979. The members of the band had different artistic talents, which explain the overall success of the band and the individual artists. Beatles music albums and style is a pop explosion since […]

Marriage Concepts Comparison

Marriage Concepts Comparison Marriage Concepts Comparison Introduction Women concepts of marriage differ across countries. In Uzbekistan, marriage is more liberal in cosmopolitan towns or cities, and the bride is free to choose their husbands including a foreigner. Although men dominate society, women run households and control their budgets. Nonetheless, they must stay away from the views of guest and visitors. They are loyal and obedient to their husbands and do all it takes to avoid […]

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