Black Studies

Black Studies Black Studies Black Literature Black literature, also referred to as the African-American literature, is the works written by the black authors in the U.S., focusing on themes such as slavery, racism, African-American culture, and equality. The complexities of the term ‘black literature’ include aspects such as imagination, marginality, language, identities, and power. Imagination is the art of creativity. In black literature, imagination is one of the tools that black authors used to paint […]

Mayura Indian Restaurant Trip

Mayura Indian Restaurant Trip Mayura Indian Restaurant Trip Introduction The Mayura Indian Restaurant has many outlets globally, including the one at Culver City, California. It provides a wide range of Indian dishes and cuisines such as tandoori chicken, Pakora, beef Nihari, lamb Biryani, Dal (Indian lentil stew), and Naan bread. I visited the restaurant during my field trip, which exposed me to the Indian cuisines. It was my first experience since I had not been […]

Close Reading

Close Reading Close Reading             The two passages in Recitatif caution against viewing people and circumstances in black and white, both figuratively and literally. The overall meaning of the text is meant to show how people can misperceive things based on their subjective and narrow viewpoints. From the narrator’s viewpoint, named Twyla, there are misperceptions about the people and places she comes into contact. The actions of the characters demonstrate the contradictions of the attitudes […]

Midterm Exam

Midterm Exam Midterm Exam Section A Question 1: Strategic Shifts in U.S. Foreign Policy towards Africa since the Cold War Before the end of the Cold War, the United States of America’s (US) foreign policy was overly concerned with curtailing the expansion of communism into the volatile developing world. On the other hand, the Soviet Union was keen on inculcating communist ideas into developing countries, through supporting their anti-colonial and anti-imperialist objectives. The Soviet Union […]

Social Media Analyses

            Events, such as mass shootings, excite people and lead them to form social milieus, usually on social media, based on race. For example, the mass shooting of a Mosque in New Zealand by a white supremacist led to increased coverage and attention on mass shootings. Mass shooting is a common topic in America. However, regardless of the extensive discourse on these acts on social media and mainstream news outlets, the issue is greatly misunderstood. […]

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