African Film

Question 1 There has been much debate about the African film industry, with critics from the rest of the world, especially the developed countries, arguing that it is still in its early stages of development and that there lacks much from the continent. However, a careful analysis reveals that there is an active film industry on the continent and that there are films which have been produced with the intention of communicating the continent’s position […]

Football as a tool for Ethnic Conflicts in Spain

Sports have played a significant role in shaping politics and the emergence of new, autonomous, and independent countries in the contemporary world. Activists against the ruling parties and monarchies, in most countries, have employed football (soccer) in the fight against oppression. For instance, Catalans and Basques use football teams in their region to showcase the world the essence of their independence and the oppression by the Spanish government. Nationalism and regionalism are significant in the […]

A Day at the Colosseum

            The festival of games is a significant part of the Roman culture. The Roman people love entertainment, thus each year, the emperor sets apart a day for games so that the Roman citizens can be entertained. In this entertainment, the citizens get to witness the greatness of the empire. For example, one sees slaves and animals captured from distant lands, lands that have been conquered by the emperor. The Colosseum is a magnificent monument […]

A day at colosseum (ancient Rome)

“A Day at the Colosseum” The year is 86 CE, and the emperor Domitian has set aside a day for the gladiatorial games in the Colosseum in Rome. You are a Roman citizen fortunate enough to have a seat to the spectacle. Set the scene and describe the day’s events. In particular, give a play-by-play account of two separate contests you witness: the first one (in the morning) between a bestiarius and a wild animal(s) […]

A Day at the Colosseum

The Colosseum was built during the Domitian reign of (81-96 AD). It was a significant architectural structure with a sitting capacity of fifty thousand, and the Romanians used it for conducting the gladiator’s contests. The Colosseum is made from exotic objects,which include travertine blocks, layers of soft stone and concrete, marbles among others, which brought out the unique features of the building. The spectacle for this day is described by the perfect weather conditions and […]

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