AN EXPLORATION INTO THE CULTURAL REPRESENTATIONS AND TREATMENT OF PEOPLE WITH HIDDEN IMPAIRMENTS IN THE UK IN AN AGE OF AUSTERITY Acknowledgement First and foremost, I wish to thank my lecturer [title and Name] of the Faculty of [Faculty name] at the University of [University Name]. My Lecturer was always ready to assist me whenever I consulted him/her. I remember calling him/her several times even on non-official hours but he/she was always willing to assist […]

The Countermeasures Based on the Cross-Cultural Management of Shanghai Disneyland in China, in Comparison to Paris, Tokyo, and Hong Kong

Abstract Disneyland is an American based company that offers a wide range of relational and hotel services to the customers. Since it is a multinational company, globalization is one of its major operational approaches that determine its success. However, globalization of its business faces uncertainty and difficulties due to the difference in cultural beliefs and practices of the overseas operational regions. As such, Disneyland needs an appropriate approach that is specifically associated with given operational […]

An analysis of the relationship between intellectual capital and performance of Chinese high-tech Industry Company.

Abstract The coming of knowledge economy time, makes the core of enterprise competition, the key of gaining profit no longer depends on traditional material production elements, but on more and more attention in the enterprise special resources – intellectual capital. As the important source of creating value and sustainable competitive advantage, intellectual capital is highly valued for nation and enterprise, but also become the hot topic to scholars. In recent years, many scholars had done […]

An investigation into the impact of the WTO on the Chinese Manufacturing SMEs since the accession of China to the WTO – A Case Study of MSMEs in Guizhou Province

ABSTRACT Chinese Manufacturing SMEs (MSME) are important to the national economy. They are facing different challenges from opening markets with intense competitions after China entered WTO in 2001.After introducing the WTO rules and history, four major impacts included lack of human resource, finance, technology innovation and government policy are identified in the literature review. However, there is a research gap between existing publications and the reality, that is, most of the papers are focused on […]

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