Contextual Factors

Sanders, Wright, and Horn (1997) identify the following contextual factors that may have an impact on teaching and learning, school and community, classroom, and individual factors. This paper will discuss the above factors to establish their potential impact on the learning performance of ELL students from Middle School in Oklahoma City. The ELL students are Mexicans who come from a poor background and the main program offered is immersion and sheltered instruction. School and Community […]

Sample Analytical Essay

Analytical Comparison Essay: Online Classes versus Traditional Classes Introduction The invention of the internet has sparked a debate on whether traditional classes should be replaced with online options. Scholars across the world have participated in this debate based on their findings about the topic. Whereas they have varying opinions, it is evident that this issue is becoming more controversial. Pierina Parise and Genie Black have discussed about this topic extensively in their works. In her […]

Education planning essay

Introduction Education planning is one of the most important activities of instruction, since it enables an instructor to put his instructional plans in order and incorporate all the requirements of the unit. One of the most important documents of the planning process is an instruction plan, which is a document that spells, in an organized manner, the content, the way it will be handled, and the methods through which it will be delivered. In English […]

Charter Schools in America

When the idea of charter schools was thrust into public domain by Ray Budde in the 1980s, education policy specialists on one hand and education entrepreneurs and state legislature on the other hand would argue out Budde’s concept, significantly altering it to the point of privatizing public education contrary to what Budde had in mind. In the different forms, the charters were passed in every state, the commonality in the laws was that they allowed […]

Charter school expansion

Why did charter school expansion unfold as it did? what were the structures of government and supporting institutions that led to the promotion of the policy in question or response by other government players. The goal is not to argue whether charter school expansion is good or bad although that will be important to explain why other constituencies supported to opposed charter school expansion. Identify the casual forces underlying the government decision making involved with […]

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