Resource Efficiency And Waste Management

Introductory Information I visited the North Geelong Resource Recovery Centre & Transfer Station, located at 100 Douro St, North Geelong VIC 3215, Australia. The telephone Contact: +61 3 5272 2613. The organization deals with all types of waste from electronic waste, plastic waster, paper, and oil waste. The waste is charged on average $57 inclusive of taxes per cubic meter. The information gathered is contained herein. The site visit was a brief environmental audit that […]

Critique of Silviculture

Ecologists and silviculturists have a role in ensuring that the natural resources remain significant. Silviculture focuses on increasing land productivity by reducing disturbances and planting a few species of trees on given land. Ecologists focus on maintaining a stable ecological system that is capable of adapting when changes strike. The two sectors should unite and come up with management policies that encourage forest productivity while at the same time providing a stable ecosystem. Moreover, ecology […]

Critique of Silviculture

Reread the Critique of Silviculture Chapter 4 (posted on Canvas).  Now that we are almost through the semester, how have your thoughts on the disciplines of silviculture and forest ecology changed, what are some of the questions you still have, and where does silviculture go in the future. Write 2 – 3 pages single-spaced and reflect on the following thoughts: Critique and commentary regarding the chapter? What do you agree/disagree? Why? Is there a piece […]

Global Studies

QUESTION 2 Biodiversity entails a series of diversity within different species or simply genetic diversity between different species of an ecosystem. While different efforts have been made to tackle the important issues of biodiversity, this regime is still relatively weak. According to Chasek, David and Janet, approximately 80% of the global marine stock are either in the process of depletion, recovery, or overexploitation (245). Additionally, in over 110 nations across the world, over 1 billion […]


Table of Contents Introduction. 3 The Water Crisis Situation in Australia. 3 Proposed Solutions. 5 Using Solar-powered Water Purifiers. 5 Construction of High Dams. 7 Resources Needed. 8 Water Treatment 8 Resources Needed. 9 Efficient use of Water 10 Resources Needed. 11 Implementation of the Solutions. 11 Who and How?. 11 When?. 12 Success Measurement 12 Benefits of the Proposed Solutions. 12 Conclusion. 12 Reference List 14 Introduction Water is an essential component of life […]

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