Article Review

Article Review Article Review The main message in the article by Jeph Loeb and Tom Morris is that Heroes and Superheroes are essential in assisting humanity deal with its deepest fears and aspirations. The writers suggest that superhero movies discuss human life in the past, today, and imagine the possibilities that will emerge in the future. Most superhero movies use characters with unique skills to advance the idea that the writer chooses to pursue. Some writers […]

Elon Musc’s Space X Mission Statement

Elon Musc’s Space X Mission Statement Elon Musc’s Space X Mission Statement III. Ethical Analysis Introduction This section examines the sustainability Elon Musc’s space X mission from an ethical perspective. Two arguments have been advanced. Firstly, the colonization of mars may be an effective way of getting new resources, more edificable areas, and new territories, thereby making a good ethical choice. Secondly, the colonization is an invasion of the planet, which makes it a bad […]

Islamic Business Ethics

Islamic Business Ethics by Jamal Badawi highlights the plight of Muslim businesspersons when faced with ethical dilemmas in their work environments. The article explains that there are approximately 1.3 billion entrepreneurs affiliated with Islam religion globally. In this respect, there exists a significant variation among the Muslim community running different ventures across the world. For example, cultural norms, business practice, and adherence to the provisions of Islamic teachings differ among the corporate sector (Badawi, 2001). […]

Ethics and Social Issues of Violence in Video Games

Video games are popular among young people; children play video games for fun. Depending on the type of games a child plays, some games are enjoyable and beneficial. For example, children who learn how to play mathematical games at an early age are likely to acquire good comprehension skills. However, this is different from violent video games. Children who play violent video games are more prone to aggressive actions against others. Thus, violent video games […]

Ethics and Social Issues of Violence in Video Games

Violence in video games: What kinds of violence does one find in video games? Discuss the potential effects on players, if any. Do you think violence should be permitted in video games? If so, to what extent, and why?

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