British petroleum Corporate Practices

Ethical practices in business are important because companies that practices ethics have a good reputation. Unethical practices make a company less appealing to stakeholders. BP has faced several ethical challenges in the past; the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010 affected the company’s reputation. BP has tried to salvage its image in an attempt to achieve its previous reputation as one of the most responsible companies. Company Background British Petroleum is a United Kingdom’s largest […]

describe the company

Background – describe the company that is the focus of your paper. Identify and describe the ethical challenge that was faced; what were the differing points of view or choices that were presented? Discuss the leadership issues involved in this ethical challenge or that contributed to this situation becoming an ethical challenge. What have you learned in this course that might help you describe the ethical challenge being discussed? (There are three reasons that why […]

Capture or Save: Ethical Dilemma Faced by Photojournalists

Introduction Any photojournalist would aim at capturing candid moments of reality. These moments are sometimes controversial as the audience may view some of the content produced to be insensitive to either the subjects or the viewers.  Among the basic principles of photojournalism is that one is not permitted to alter the scene. For instance, photographers are not able to ask for permission before taking photographs as it would mean that the photographs captured will not […]

Capture or Saving

How photojournalism facing ethical dilemma in their career: What is ethical Dilemma? The Ethical Framework introduction:

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