INVESTMENT ASSIGNMENT Question 1 Part a The term derivative market refers to a financial market for financial instruments such as options and contracts derived from other assets. For instance, the financial markets for forward and future contracts are delivered from changes that occur in foreign exchange rates (Dinçer, Hacioğlu, and Yuksel, 2018). Similarly, the markets for call and put options are delivered from changes in foreign exchange rates, but with a different perspective from that […]

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Is the possible manipulation of depreciation and amortisation charges more susceptible to fraudulently misleading practice than level 3 fair value calculations are?             Depreciation & amortisation is one of the accounts that are highly susceptible to manipulation and fraudulently misleading practices in business (Jonada & Aliaj, 2014).  The techniques used to manipulate depreciation and amortisation charges include charging less depreciation on assets, increasing the lifespan of assets, changing the method of calculation, keeping assets that […]


Introduction When a person invests money in a stock market or any other type of market, he/she expects to make money. However, in the worst event, a person may lose part or whole of that money if investment decisions are made inappropriately. To minimize the risks of losing huge sums of money in the worst scenario, an investor must determine his/her appetite risk right at the start of investment. In addition, the right combinations of […]


Introduction Corporate finance is the sources of finances for a company, managers’ actions on the value of the firm, as well as the capital structure of the corporations. The leadership of a firm determines the primary objective to enhance the quality of productivity, increase the value of the company to the shareholders, improve analysis tools, and allocate financial resources fairly and equitably to all departments. On that note, capital structure entails the manner in which […]

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Free Cash Flow Calculation The calculation of the free cash flow will primarily base on Exhibit 13 provided. The assumptions for the calculation of the free cash flow are: the enlisted depreciation spending entail the amortizations; the net working capital (NWC) as well as operating assets as well as other non-interest liabilities are put under consideration; the free cash flow begins 2000 as soon as the acquisition is completed in January 2000. While considering the […]

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