International Financial Management

Part A Question 1 Based on the information provided, then 1 euro is exchanging for 1.1 USD. This means that 1 USD is exchanging for (1/1.1 = 0.9091 euro). Consequently, if the value of US dollar was to increase by 2 percent, then the new value for USD in terms of euro would be equal to; 1 USD = 0.9091*1.02 = 0.9273 euro. The 1.02 represents the increase in the value for US dollar. Since […]

Relationship auditors independence and investor’s confidence

Introduction             The financial systems of a firm are often faced with many challenges such as manipulation by the management as well as the internal auditors. As such, the customers cannot rely on the management as well as the internal auditors to provide reliable financial data of the firm. An independent audit report increases the confidence of shareholders as well as potential investors since they indicate the real financial position of the firm. The independent […]

Project 2: Trade Analysis for Burberry Group Plc.

Introduction and Summary  Burberry Group Plc is a British trench coat maker that is based in the UK and sells its products in other foreign markets such as the US, Asia, and other European markets. The changes in the global markets, as well as the Brexit, has had an impact on the overall sales as well as the profitability of the company’s products. It is crucial to conduct a performance analysis of the stocks of […]

Family Dollar/Dollar Tree vs. Kmart/Sears Mergers

Introduction Any form of business is a competitive undertaking, and a firm will succeed or fail depending on the way it handles competition in the market. Firms can use various ways do this, and merging of businesses is one of them. In the U.S., some of the most notable mergers are those involving retail store chain giants Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, and Sears Holdings. The three firms had separately made themselves famous brands in the […]

Managerial Accounting

Introduction             Managerial accounting is a valuable management tool that provides detailed information to the internal environment of the firm. The information collected is tailored towards gathering information that is crucial for decision making by evaluating the performance of the organizational products, activities, and departments. The managerial accounting is in charge of handling information in support of internal management processes whereas financial accounting is tasked with providing information on the external environment. Managerial accounting is […]

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