Financial Analysis: Aggreko Plc.

Introduction The company was founded in 1962 in Netherlands, and the country has expanded to over 45 countries and employed over 6,000 staff. The entity is a provider of mobile power, modular, and related solutions. The segment of the company includes rental solutions and power solutions. The power solutions segment provides solutions for the different power requirements and has two divisions; industrial and utility. The industrial division offers different solutions from its local service centers […]

The Asian Crises

Contents The Asian Crises. 3 Introduction. 3 Background of the East Asian Crisis. 3 Asian Financial Crisis of 1997. 4 Thailand and Turkey. 5 Speculators on Baht 6 IMF Rescue Plan Thailand. 7 Indonesia. 7 The Currency Exchange Rate per USD in June 1997 compared to July 1998. 7 IMF Role. 8 Conclusion. 9 References. 9     The Asian Crises Introduction The Asian financial crises of 1997-99 affected the East Asia countries and caused […]

The Countermeasures Based on the Cross-Cultural Management of Shanghai Disneyland in China, in Comparison to Paris, Tokyo, and Hong Kong

Abstract Disneyland is an American based company that offers a wide range of relational and hotel services to the customers. Since it is a multinational company, globalization is one of its major operational approaches that determine its success. However, globalization of its business faces uncertainty and difficulties due to the difference in cultural beliefs and practices of the overseas operational regions. As such, Disneyland needs an appropriate approach that is specifically associated with given operational […]

Pair Trading Strategies

Pair Trading Strategies Asset Project Proposal Asset Classes Products Date Price ($) Prediction Equity Index E-mini S&P 500-Dec 15 11/3/2016 2,081.75 S&P 500 will outperform Dow                          Analysis -see pages 3 and 4 E-mini Dow ($ 5)- Dec 15 11/3/2016 17,826.50 Interest Rate 10 Year T-Note- Dec 15 11/3/2016 97.22 10 Year note will outperform 5 Year note.                          Analysis -see page 5 and 6 5 Year T-Note – Dec 15 11/3/2016 99.9 Energy Crude Oil- Dec […]

Pepsi Inc. and Coca-Cola Company: Financial Analysis

Introduction These two companies operate in the global arena, and each aims at maximizing its profits and increasing its market control. They produce substitute products and are always competing to control the market by providing quality and moderately priced products. This paper will present a financial analysis of the two organizations by looking at their financial data. The study will use latest data from 2015 financial analysis to ensure the validity and suitability of the […]

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