Core-Satellite Investments

Question One: Core Exposure EFT Name ETF Purchase Price ZAR Number of Units Purchased ZAR Total Exposure ZAR Percentage % USA DB X-Trackers Col in USA ETF 2,997 55 165,000 33% Europe New Europe Property Investments Plc 18,600 9 167,400 33.48% South Africa Top 40 Equities South Africa 40 Index 41,900 4 167,600 33.52% Total Exposure 500,000 100% Table 1: Table showing the core portfolio allocation Source: (SaxoTraderGO, 2016)             50% of the available resources […]


Question One Internal Users of financial statements             Internal users of financial statements include the shareholders (owners), employees, and management. The shareholders provide the start-up capital and the funds necessary to run an organization. They are interested in the financial statement information about their investments because they need to know whether their investments are being employed in a proper way or not and the return on their investments together with the dividend pay-out ratio. This […]

Strategy Report

Strategy and Performance of the previous manager             During the first quarter, the orange team portfolio was at 3.32% at the beginning of the period but dropped to 3.10% at the end of the quarter, compared to the benchmark portfolio of 3.85% and 3.64% respectively. During this quarter, the yield curve dropped slightly but picked up and steepened towards the end. The cost of funds at the start of the quarter was below the benchmark […]

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