Investment in Real estate

PROPERTY INVESTMENT Question 1             Property investment involves the acquisition of tangible assets which comprise of land and buildings (Investment Property Forum, 2015). The value of the buildings decreases or becomes obsolete or declines due to wear and tear. However, the value of land tends to increase over time particularly in the United Kingdom where the supply of land in limited. The value of a property can increases in value through continued investment and active […]

Investment in Real estate

Q.1Property Investment is all about timing and choosing the right sector; when the conditions are right you cant go wrong; when the conditions are wrong you cant get it rightDiscuss with specific relationship to a country or city of your choice.Word limit: 1,000 words Q.2 A modern office building, Alpha Court is situated in the West End office area of central London. It was built approximately 3 years ago and has a good specification. It […]

Strategy report

Background: Today is 8 December 2009. You have just taken over from Orange team as the portfolio manager of approximately a $1.1bn portfolio of debt issued to raise funds for various clients. The previous portfolio manager (Orange) left the role suddenly and the following material has been made available to you for review, as you contemplate what needs to be done on 15 December when a range of transactions need to occur. a. Gamebook as […]

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