Leadership and Health Care

Leadership and Health Care Leadership and Health Care Introduction             Leadership is a crucial factor in the success and performance of any organization. The management of a healthcare institute is associated with motivating, creating confidence, building work environment, building morale, coordinating, and providing guidance to the employees. An organization may perform dismally based on the overall performance of the management. The same case occurs in hospitals in which the management is at the center stage […]

Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare and Medicaid Medicare and Medicaid             Medicare and Medicaid are health programs that offer insurance covers for the disabled, aged, and low-income earners in the U.S. As such, health organizations should understand the publicly-held insurance providers to improve the health status of their patients. Understanding Medicare will change how the elderly and disabled are treated in hospitals (Megellas, 2006). In addition, health organizations’ knowledge of Medicaid will improve the care offered to the marginalized […]

Wehr’s Conflict Mapping Project

Wehr’s Conflict Mapping Project Wehr’s Conflict Mapping Project Summary Description of Healthcare Conflict           There is a major contention within the diagnostic medical sonography field on who should interpret findings, make the diagnosis, and obtain the findings in a sonography procedure. The contention occurs between the interpreting physician, advanced sonographer, and staff sonographer. Conflicts might arise over who does what during a procedure, leading to significant disruptions in service delivery. The sonographer should do the […]

Mental Health Problems and Mental Illness

Mental Health Problems and Mental Illness  Mental Health Problems and Mental Illness Article Analysis The article by Ramayah, Ahmad, Yeap, and Halim discusses the rise of Facebook usage and addiction among millennials and its relation to facets of narcissism. Narcissism is on the rise, thus warranting a discussion on how it could influence society. The article is a literature review, making it secondary research. The scholars develop a framework that could help relevant authorities and […]

Leadership Style

Leadership Style Leadership Style This study seeks to evaluate my go-to and supplemental leadership styles. The analysis conducted investigates my underlying blind spots and environments in which I am likely to thrive or struggle. Consequently, I have developed a succinct list of SMART goals, focusing on self-improvement. Rosa’s (2015) article focuses on three factors that determine the different leadership styles. They include the thriving mind-set, social, self, and situational awareness, and the essential leadership values, […]

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