Activity One Findings from ‘Diabetes: Increasing the Knowledge Base of Mental Health Nurses.’ The key words used to search for the mental related issues were: Diabetes Mental Health Nursing Nursing Statistics Physical Health Nursing Skills Improvement Finding articles: I used the Google search engine to find articles related to the Hemingway et al. (2013). In my search, I identified the most relevant and credible articles from the numerous ones available online. I chose Pignone et […]

Organisational objective

Introduction This document will provide an analysis for expanding the emergency and rescue (E&R) department at a large medical complex in the capital city of Saudi Arabia into a trauma centre with 2-3 years(The Business Year, 2015). For the sake of convenience and anonymity, this medical complex will be further referred to as Hospital A. The tools used to carry out the analysis are: SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) as an overarching system of […]


Section (A): Mapping of Module Learning Outcomes             The Shiney Advice and Resource Project (SHARP) is a community-based organisation that was founded in 1985 with the aim of developing the community by advising and supporting the citizens, as well as campaigning for their welfare and rights, which can improve their living standards (SHARP 2014). Organisations such as SHARP work on the premise that community participation is essential in promoting the health of the society since […]

Concept Development and Analysis- Uncertainty among Caregivers

Concept analysis and development is an approach used to investigate ideas or phenomenon of interest in a particular discipline to determine their attributes and characteristics (Cronin et. al., 2010). In nursing, it is done to get more clarity about concepts that are commonly used in theory, research and practice. One such phenomenon that requires analysis is uncertainty among family caregivers. Penrod (2007) defines uncertainty as for the aspect of being in doubt or of not […]

Evidence Based Pharmacology- Diabetes Mellitus 2

Introduction             Diabetes mellitus (type 2 diabetes) is a chronic condition that occurs due to the inability of the body to synthesize insulin in sufficient amounts to meet its’ metabolic requirements. The body’s demand for insulin may be increased due to factors such as obesity and exposure to high levels of glucose. Unlike type 1 diabetes, it manifests later in life, and it is an interaction of several disease processes. Its clinical features may vary […]

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