Health Promotion

1.1 Explain the effects (minimum of three effects) of socio-economic influences on health. For example disposable income,unemployment, lifestyles choices, access to healthcare.1.2 Assess the relevance of government sources (minimum of three governmental reports) in reporting on inequalities in health. For example reports and enquiries e.g Black DHSS 1980,Acheson Report independent Inquiry in Inequalities i Health 1998, Health and Lifestyles Surveys (HALS).1.3 Discuss reasons for barriers to accessing healthcare. Based on analysis for point 1 and […]

The Cost of Healthcare-Associated Infections

Introduction A Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) is an infection that occurs in the course of medical treatment. The definitive characteristic of an HAI is that it develops independent of the original condition for which the patient is being treated. Such infections can be picked up from various medical care facilities because of contamination of equipment and general environment, poor maintenance, and negligence of procedure among other factors. It should be noted that major HAIs can […]

Different approaches to health education

Explain three different approaches to health education1) Role of mass media:Different forms- e.g. TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, posters, billboard display, leaflets.Benefits raising consciousness about health issues, reaching large audience, conveying simple information, and placing health on the public agenda;Limitations- e.g. inability to convey complex information or teach skills, less specific information, limited two way communications 2) Community development approach; Holistic concepts; participation, empowerment, benefits e.g. focuses on the root causes of ill health, helps to […]

For-Profit/Public Health Care

Introduction The healthcare industry integrates and aggregates various sectors confined with the ecosystem in order to provide effective care to patients. These sectors focus on treating patients in a preventive, rehabilitative, and palliative manner. Each of these medical care segments plays different roles in healthcare delivery. The performance of health economy sectors is usually influenced by various direct and indirect factors that determine their short and long-term success. In the US, the influence of politics […]

The U.S. healthcare system

Your portfolio assignment focuses on a specific sector of healthcare and its relation to the current U.S. healthcare system. Choose one of the healthcare sectors listed below for your portfolio assignment: HospitalsLong-term CareMental and Behavioral HealthAmbulatory CareFor-Profit/Public Health Care.Write a ten to twelve page paper where you address the following: Describe of the sectors historical development and current role in healthcare delivery.Explain how the political influence in the U.S. healthcare system impacts how this sector […]

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