Socw 6311 & 6070 wk 4 responses

   RESPONSE 1: Respond to at least two colleagues by explaining how that colleague might rule out one of the confounding variables that they identified. Colleague 1: Debby     Being able to look at the different designs and choosing the right design for the information necessary to give an accurate accounting is imperative.  Looking at the variables and outcomes wanting to be measured is also an important part of choosing a statistical design.  The outcome of […]

302 case study 5 pages

Please make sure that you carefully address each question including details to support your answers.  Each answer should connect back to information from the book or discussion videos.  Please use detail from the class to answer each question.  The strongest answers will have specific detail regarding topics from the book and lectures. You will use the 2 case studies from Harvard Business Publishing to complete the paper. Please note that there are strict copyright rules […]

benchmark – framework findings and recommendations

  Benchmark – Framework Findings and Recommendations This assignment serves to benchmark competency 2.1: Establish a risk management framework using industry standards for compliance. Based on an executive level report, deliver the findings of the Topic 4 “Demonstrating the Gap” assignment. Include the following in your report (add sections to the template as needed): An overview of why the report is being written A paragraph description of the system A paragraph outlining the framework governing […]

According to the central limit theorem, if a sample of size 64 is

Question 1 According to the central limit theorem, if a sample of size 64 is drawn from a population with a mean of 56, the mean of all sample means would equal _________ . 7.0056.0064.000.875128.00 Question 2 According to the central limit theorem, if a sample of size 100 is drawn from a population with a standard deviation of 80, the standard deviation of sample means would equal __________ .0.808808000.080 Question 3 According to the central limit theorem, […]

Stat intro | Statistics homework help

   Part I(short essay/discussion) #1: Why do so many Americans struggle with mathematics/statistics? I have always believed that learning mathematics is similar to learning a foreign language. There are certain rules that you must learn and there are exceptions to the rules. You then have to use your logic. How to use logic is a process learned through practice. I assume that most of you took a course in geometry when you were in high […]

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