Global Sweatshop Protests

Global Sweatshop Protests Global Sweatshop Protests The ideas of better working conditions and a living wage are ones more haunting the world. Increased cases of labor law violations by employers particularly in the sweatshops have led to recent popular protests across the globe. Unionists argue that employers undermine the need of their workers to work in better conditions and pay wages that can sustain standard needs. Through the UN labor regulations, it is the duty […]

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management Human Resource Management Introduction                Most companies use a formal process to recruit and fill empty positions in the organization. The processes may involve advertising for the available job post to attract potential employees. The hiring process encompasses three phases, including planning, recruitment, and employee selection. The employers intend to find the best fit employee in the process by choosing an individual that has a passion for working in the company and […]

Reflection Paper

Reflection Paper Reflection Paper Purpose and Introduction This reflection paper explores my learning curve from the time I enrolled in an interesting summer class to a well-modelled human resource officer who understands and applies the principles learnt in class. The past eight weeks have been an eye-opening experience for me as I have learned from scholarly readings, literature, experienced tutors, sharing with others, and assigned group tasks. In the beginning, I doubted and even wondered […]

Performance Management Process at OMEGA INC

Performance Management Process at OMEGA INC Performance Management Process at OMEGA INC Performance Management Steps Performance management is a communication process in which managers and the staff work jointly to plan, monitor, and review the employees’ work objectives and overall contribution to the company. The process is continuous because it involves setting goals, assessing progress, and training the workers and providing feedback to make sure they remain focused on their destinations and career objectives. Also, […]

Case Analysis of Southwood School

Case Analysis of Southwood School Case Analysis of Southwood School Human resource theories are essential in exploring how management structures influence employee behavior. Having an in-depth understanding of these theories can help maximize overall employee productivity as well as minimize employee turnover. There are four primary domains identified in HRM theories as being key in maximizing the organizational performance which includes recruitment, selection, training, and development. The primary objective of this paper is to conduct […]

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