how has media discourse regarding the immigration crisis is reshaping party-political lan

To what extent has media coverage of the refugee crisis impacted political debate on immigration policy in Germany? / how has (social) media discourse influenced political debate on immigration in Germany?  Define / identify different aspects of debate: -debate on specific polies/laws in the legislature(s) – Budestag -influence over political elections

How the IMF Reinforces Primitive Accumulation: The Implementation of Structural Adjustment Program

Introduction Poverty in the world, particularly in Africa, has been a source of great concern for proponents of human rights. In 2000, the United Nations (UN) instituted ambitious goals to lift households out of serious poverty problem. Although Sub-Sahara Africa was one of the regions in the world with the most room for improvement, it has remained the regions with extreme poverty in the world (Simmons, 2016). Sub-Sahara Africa countries report the highest number of […]

Kuwait’s Foreign Policy: 1961-1990

Introduction Kuwait is a relatively small nation in geographic size, vulnerable with its existence having been challenged severally in the past. Virtually, unlike other nations of the world, until the year 1990, Kuwait experienced and enjoyed surfeit foreign-exchange benefits continuously supported by the fact that its export of oil and other related products goes beyond its domestic needs regarding imported products and services. A majority of this surplus was invested in foreign nations, and this […]

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