Court Observation Essay

Observe Three (3) different types of cases out of the following court cases and write a brief summary of your observations and impressions of each case (for a total of at least three (3) double spaced pages and maximum of four (4) typed pages). Please note that you are required to observe different types of court proceedings (Ex: a divorce, criminal matter, jury selection, small claims; not 3 criminal cases) Examples:a. Divorceb. Small Claimsc. Housingd. […]

Law Essay

Scenario             A patient comes into the dental surgery for a dental examination and needs a filling because she has a carious tooth. It is the patient’s first visit and the dentist offers to treat the tooth immediately. The patient agrees with the dentist’s proposal, and the tooth is filled with an amalgam filling. The dentist preferred the amalgam filling because it is easier to work with compared to the other alternatives. They also consider […]

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