Business Leadership

Understanding leadership requires more than just applying theoretical concepts. Leadership experiences offer better insights on how to manage people and situations. Having been in different leadership positions, I have adopted certain leadership traits that have shaped my personality. The leadership experiences as a youth leader in church enabled me to see my paradigm on leadership evolve with time. Several events have shaped the way I view leadership, and this can be discussed using theories of […]

Leadership as Service Analysis and Reflection Paper

Introduction Leadership represents the process of influencing a group of people and influencing them to accomplish whatever one see fit to produce desired results. It involves influencing the behavior, way of thinking, or development of people’s lives to inspire or encourage them to work towards set goals. Leaders are visionary beings, and thus they set realistic targets on what they want to attain in the future. It involves setting the direction and helping other people […]

Leadership as Service Analysis and Reflection Paper

The purpose of this final reflective paper is to look back at what each student has learned during the past 11 weeks and to reflect on it while applying it to their current and future leadership. This is not a book review! It is your personal analysis, synthesis and reflection of WHAT you have learned in this course and HOW you will use the knowledge in practicing leadership from a servant-oriented lens. Below are details […]

Major Contributory Factors that Build Healthy Behaviors and Cultures within an Organization

Although there is no consensus on the definition of the healthy behavior and culture of an organization, the concepts are now known to hold a significant contribution to the improvements in occupational performance within an organizational context. Remarkably, managers and other leaders within an organization are putting much effort to enhance employees’ productivity by monitoring their behavior and improving the culture of the organization. It is worth noting that employees’ behavior is an important aspect […]

Factors that Contributed to the Everest Tragedy

The movie “Into Thin Air: Death on Everest,” produced in 1997, was inspired by the tragic events that took place earlier when a group of adventurers encountered a calamity during their escapades at Mt. Everest. The movie accounts the story of a journalist, Jon Krakauer, who had been sent by outside magazine to tour the mountain to compile a story about the commercialization of mountain climbing. Krakauer was accompanied by experienced climbers and adventure consultants […]

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