Why did this tragedy occur?

For your individual assignment, you have to watch the movie “into thin air: Death on Everest”. Keeping in view the movie, you have to write a small report on following question: Question: Why did this tragedy occur?Use Hackman framework to analyze factors contributing to this tragedy.

Leadership Behaviour

             The behavior of the leader is critical to the overall performance and returns of an organization. The people under the leader and the organization, in general, perform according to these characteristics, and this has a significant impact on the outcomes of any process or activity. While every leader has personal strengths and unique characteristics which make them successful, there are some basic requirements every leader must possess in order to steer the organization to […]

Communication as a Barrier to Achieving Organizational Goals

Introduction My team and I were assigned to investigate a situation in Riverville Oil and Gas Company Limited where the employees had gone on rampage. The employees accused the employer of discrimination and oppression and barred customers from accessing the business premises for the whole day. The following day, the news of the action was broadcasted in all national channels. My team was expected to find the root cause of the problem and draft recommendations […]

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