Type of Advertised Position

An advert in a weekly financial journal for the position of an Advertising Sales Agent stated, the candidate whose application is considered will have the main duty to contact potential clients, prepare sales representations, develop sales tools, and at times have the duty to manage accounts for clients. Other segments of the advertisement referred to Advertising Sales Agents as Advertising Sales Representatives. Other key functions of the position included selling advertising space to businesses, projected […]

Situational analysis essay

SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS FOR TESCO Company Overview and Target Market Overview             Jack Cohen formed Tesco Supermarket in 1919, it started its operations in West End market stalls in London and is one of the largest chain stores with stores in 14 countries.  In 2012, its sales exceeded 72 billion Pounds, which represented a 7.4% growth from the previous years (Tesco, 2012). It sells over forty thousand products including food, clothing and other non-food lines. It […]

How to write a methodology chapter

Introduction                                                      This research utilizes a qualitative approach to find data and evidence that can be used to have an in-depth understanding of the nursing knowledge required for long-term care setting. A qualitative approach was chosen because it offers the best chance and convenience for the research to thoroughly investigate the phenomenon of interest. In research, it is important to ensure that the research methodology is appropriate for a given research depending on the specific purpose […]


Abstract For the purpose of putting up new projects, a thorough analysis is usually done prior to the actual establishment. This analysis is meant to evaluate the most probable threats and opportunities that would affect the functionality of the business project to be set up. For the case of a hotel industry, there is great need to concentrate on areas that would better the performance and functionality of the services provided as well protection of […]

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