Cardiovascular Disease Cardiovascular disease has been recognised for many decades as the worldwide leading cause of death because of limited therapies available for its prevention (Huffman and Bhatnagar, 2011). The condition is characterised by narrowing of blood vessels leading to life-threatening events such as heart attack, chest pain, or stroke. With the life-threatening complications, CVD is considered the leading cause of death globally (Li et al., 2018). One of the risk factors for the disease […]

The use of Observational Study Designs to Investigate Breast Cancer

Introduction             Women are most often diagnosed with cancer in the United States with over 100,000 new diagnoses per year. It is the leading cause of cancer deaths in women with over 40,000 lives attributed to it (Colditz, 2015). Many risk factors have been described for breast cancer such as improper diets and lifestyle and genetic factors, among many others. Low levels of physical activity and a sedentary lifestyle have also been identified as predisposing […]

ObamaCare Essay

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), famously referred to as ObamaCare, was enacted in 2010 to make major reforms in the healthcare industry. Its primary aim was to deliver cheap and quality healthcare to all Americans while also cutting on Government spending on healthcare. It uses insurance exchanges, taxes, subsidies, and consumer protection regulations to achieve these goals. By 2015, nearly a quarter of Americans had acquired a healthcare insurance policy for less than $100 a […]

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