Nursing Informatics Education Specialist in your facility.

You are the Nursing Informatics Education Specialist in your facility.  Each month you are required to present a topic about foundational legislation, privacy, security, or new initiatives involving nursing informatics.  Select a topic and prepare to discuss your topic with the staff. Writing rubric Accurately introduces topic of discussion in organized and well-detailed manner; clearly articulates rationale for selection Accurately defines and details the selected topic and included any relevant pieces of legislation, privacy concern, […]

A Safety Score Improvement Plan for Shalom Intensive Care Unit

Developing hospital safety scores was aimed at enlightening the public on the best healthcare facilities to receive the best quality and safe care available in the market. However, many people are not aware of the relevance of such safety scores and they do not apply them appropriately. A high safety performance score implies poor safety measures practiced in such a healthcare facility and patients are advised against obtaining services from such a facility. Many determinants […]

safety score improvement plan

Write a 3–5 page safety score improvement plan for mitigating concerns, addressing a specific patient-safety goal that is relevant to quality patient care. Determine what a best evidence-based practice is and design a plan for resolving issues resulting from not maintaining patient safety.

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