Metabolic response to the stress of critical illness

Article Summary The human body responds elaborately under the pressure of diseases or injuries. The detection of stressors stimulates several organs to release hormones to heal the wounds. Stressors stimulate the sympathetic nervous system and other organs to release hormones to increase the amount of energy in the vital tissues disrupted by the injuries. Also, the metabolic response of the stress due to critical illness has clinical consequences, such as an increase in energy expenditure […]

Malnutrition problem among children in India

Introduction India is one of the leading economies in the world. It is a great tourist attraction in healthcare considering the high quality of care offered in its private healthcare facilities. The country is also associated with high levels of healthcare disparities, which can be attributed to the social and economic classes existing in different states and villages within the country. Malnutrition among children is one of the health challenges observed among the economically challenged […]

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System

Development of a HACCP Plan for Frankfurters Food is a potential source of human illnesses if systems to assure its safety are not in place. At the same time, people are entitled to safe and suitable foods for their consumption (Stringer 775). Foodborne outbreaks can compromise trade and tourism besides causing serious lawsuits to implicated food companies. Moreover, unsafe foods constitute wastage because public health officials can order destruction of processed foods linked with a […]

Organic and Conventional Foods

Introduction The introduction of organic items into our grocery stores has given consumers the power to choose, but they may not be making an informed decision based on monetary and health based evidence perceptions when choosing organic versus conventional. Consumers must first be educated on what organic and conventional foods actually are. They need to know their characteristics of each such as size, shape, quality, additives, and pesticides. Also, the cost of these items needs […]

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