Nietzsche was famous for his philosophy of satiation of desires and passions because he rejected age-old notions of reason as the element of human beings that separates them from animals. Animals follow their desires and passions blindly and do not have reason as the guiding light of their behavior. On the other hand, human beings have reason, which has given rise to culture and the values and norms that make social intercourse possible. Nietzsche […]

The Common Mistakes of Philosophy

INTRODUCTION The book describes the most common mistakes made by the modern philosophy when trying to break from classical realism. In this case, the author, is seen to be one of the best-spoken philosophers of the 20th century. He is good at illustrating why things exist the way they do.  He is easily understood as his ideas are simple and he recognized the great importance of the correct philosophical ideas in today’s life. He tries […]

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

Introduction What is truth? When should something be said to be the truth about a given area of knowledge? Who determines this truth in cases where there are several versions of perceived truths? Philosophers have considered these questions for a long time, but it is apparent that they are yet to reach an agreement on many of them. It is clear from the writings of famous philosophers that perception is shaped by what one has […]

Philosophy Essay

INTRODUCTION In philosophy, the representation of reality and truth has been the subject of debate for a long time. There is a feeling by some philosophers such as Plato, that what one perceives as reality is simply that which his mind has been exposed to, and that other forms of reality that one could discover after being exposed to them exist. Some fictional works seem to propagate this point. Their plots center on people who […]


Albania is the country’s Medieval Latin name, but its people call it Shqipëri. The name might be derived from the Albani’s Illyrian tribe chronicled by Ptolemy, an astronomer and geographer from Alexandria who conscripted a map around 150 AD indicating the Albanopolis city situated Northeast of Durres. Albania is a nation in Southeast Europe surrounded by Kosovo to the Northeast and Montenegro to the Northwest. On the East, the Republic of Macedonia borders it, while […]

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