Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

INTRODUCTION Plato is one of the most well-known philosophers of all time because of the immense contribution he made in the field. He was a Greek philosopher who was lived between 427 and 347 B.C. He was a teacher and a writer, and his writings continue to be used in many learning institutions across the world up to date, which shows that they are relevant to the current philosophers. The Allegory of the Cave is […]

The Paranormal Evidence for Reincarnation

As science develops in significant physic theories, most researchers believe soon there will be scientific proof of the soul, including its journey through reincarnation. Dr. Ian Stevenson is regarded the world’s leading reincarnation researcher. He created DOPS, a research unit that perpetuates the research he started. His findings revealed that past life memories are highly prevalent among children aged two to five years. He traveled throughout Europe, North America, and Asia, interviewing and recording such […]

The Paranormal Evidence for Reincarnation

Possibility One: Write an essay of your choice of one of the following topics: Out-of-body or astral travel, near-death experience, alien abduction, remote viewing, psychic or miraculous healing (e.g. therapeutic touch), or the paranormal evidence for reincarnation. Regardless of which topic you choose, you must include in the sources for your essay at least one source sympathetic to the paranormal phenomenon in question, and one source which is skeptical of the phenomenon. (Skeptical articles are […]

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