Jurgen Habermas Biography and His WorkJurgen Habermas was born in June 18, 1929 in Germany. He was raised in a middle-class family who adjusted to the Nazi system and supported it passively. He joined the Hitler Youth movement during the end of the Second World War (Nordquist, 1986). After watching the Holocaust documentaries and the proceedings of the Nuremberg trials, he became aware of the appalling reality of the combined moral upheaval of the Nazi […]

Political psychology

Introduction Political psychology is defined in general terms as the application of psychological knowhow and experience to political science. Political psychology combines vast knowledge in fields such as psychology, sociology, psychiatrics, and communication to explain political phenomena. Political psychology investigates both the individual and the political process to provide a comprehensive explanation of political processes and outcomes. The study of political psychology involves investigations conducted in leadership and mass political behavior, which are the two […]

A Sample Project Proposal Plan

Plan: Part 1 The Individual in Social Psychology An individual is motivated by different stimuli that trigger actions which are related to their individualism. Observational learning is an important aspect of social psychology because it determines how people develop and influences who they become in the society. By witnessing or observing other people’s actions and behaviors, an individual is influenced by how they respond to similar situations as the one observed or witnessed. Though it […]

Language Development

Introduction Language is probably one of man’s greatest inventions since it has enabled them communicate in an easier way than any other creature on the universe. In education in general and in educational psychology in particular, studying language acquisition plays a major role in understanding and planning of the education process. Language is the main vehicle through which the content is delivered to the learners at any level of the learning cycle, and has been […]

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