Dissertation Proposal Sample

Table of Contents Table of Contents. 2 Abstract 3 Chapter One: Introduction. 4 1.1      Background Information. 4 1.2      Research Objectives and Questions. 5 1.2.1       Research Questions. 5 1.2.2       Research Objectives. 5 Chapter Two: Literature Review.. 6 2.1      Myths and Theories of Human Trafficking. 6 Chapter Three: Research Methodology. 7 3.1      Research Design. 7 3.2      Research Timeline. 10 3.3      Research methods. 12 3.3.1       Library Reading. 12 3.3.2       Interviews. 13 3.3.3  […]

Care of the Chronically Ill at Home

Introduction The recent increase in the number of patients living with chronic conditions has called for better ways of providing care to the victims. The challenge of caring for patients with disabilities and other illnesses has been on the rise, especially among the senior citizens. Although the insurance may cover the medical bills and other expenses, the question of the best care that can be offered to the patients remains unanswered. These patients require a […]

Are Ethnic Minorities More Likely to Receive a Ticket When Pulled Over by the Police?

Abstract Racial profiling of ethnic minorities by the police is increasingly becoming an issue of national concern. Blacks, Hispanics, and Arabs are often subjected to negative stereotypes that have been shown to influence the decisions made by police such as whether to pull them over and to ticket them as compared to whites. Negative stereotyping portrays African- Americans and Hispanics as engaging in drug abuse, crime, and illegal activities while Arabs are considered terrorists. The […]


Introduction The term utopia is used to symbolize a perfect world or place where there are flawless legal, political, and social systems. This term is derived from the Greek words ‘no place’ or ‘nowhere’ or ‘a good place.’ Utopia is based on the fictional thoughts of Thomas More, who envisioned an island in the Atlantic Ocean where everything was perfect.  The thoughts by Thomas More were not exception because in the 19th century, many people […]

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