Food for Friends Restaurant’s Expansion Market Research

Food for Friends Restaurant’s Expansion: Research Informed Decision Making Introduction The effectiveness of business decision making processes is largely influenced by the amount and quality of data that the decision can access. That means that research is one of the most crucial activities for a business enterprise keen of maintaining a constant growth and performance. However, every task needs planning and collecting data is no difference. The quality and amount of data collected and its […]


Introduction  The social policies put in place by governments have a lot of influence on the lives of the people who are forced to live by them. There are a lot of policies that have been put in place to govern the way human beings relate socially. This is particularly so in areas such as employment, race, sexuality, disability, and women discrimination issues. Naturally, the mentioned groups face a lot of discrimination from the public […]

Discuss the evidence that social policy constructs personal live

A critical engagement with the key terms and concepts of DD305. You will be expected to illustrate, in particular, your ability to deploy and engage with the idea of ‘the personal’ in ways that demonstrate your understanding of its complexity. For this reason, you are strongly advised to reread Chapter 1 of the Course Companion as part of your preparations for this essay and to think about how you are going to use notions of […]

Political Stability and Islam in the Middle East

Can democracy have a chance in the Middle East? If NOT, why? Yes, democracy can have a chance in the Middle East because many countries within the region such as Kuwait, Israel, and Turkey have recorded high scores in terms of practicing democracy (Brown and Shanin 45). Moreover, countries such as Iraq have partly shown the desire to practice democracy within their leadership systems. Democracy is easily applicable in the Middle East, specifically after the […]


Whereas mitigation efforts on climate change have gained massive attention across the globe, their failure reflects the political challenges associated with climate change. Notably, climate change is a global problem that cannot be tackled by efforts from a single country or small group of countries. Additionally, climate change poses long-term effects that may not be perceived adequately at present. This paper argues that tackling climate change should not be the responsibility of developed countries alone. […]

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